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As I am sure you all know, I have not been doing much lately! It is kind of embarrassing, really. Let's not talk about it.

BECAUSE NOW I AM DOING THINGS which is infinitely superior to that other thing we're not talking about.

THING: I have a new (well, it is not even remotely new anymore, but I have not mentioned it here yet!) linkshell! IT IS FULL OF AWESOME PEOPLE AND WE DO AWESOME THINGS. Sometimes, anyway. Not always.

Sooo, anyway, after ending my, um, vacation, sure, let's call it a vacation, the other day, I DID THINGS.

I decided I was going to try and talk to all the, um. GLOWING THINGS Lumorians whatever they are - Quasilumin! I was going to try to find and talk to all the Quasilumin (there are not that many), since I have not managed to pull that off yet. So I hitched a ride from Nabiki and warped myself into Sea!

And then I wandered around aimlessly because I always get totally disoriented in there ( there? Over there? WHEREVER there, ugh).

So here are some shots from that, anyway.

There is the damnable Grand Palace of Hu'Zxoi in the distance, there.

... I am honestly not sure what that thing is for.


Walking on that not-proper-water stuff will never ever ever not be weird.

I don't even know what it really is. Do I want to? Zilart stuff is usually bad news, anyway.

Getting ... whatever happened to it wouldn't have helped.

And here is the island I never really got past.


There's the UFO that nearly drifted right over me. Scary stuff, man, augh. (Also, a goldfish.) So I couldn't go that way.

aaaugh shark. And so this route was out, too! I decided to try and wait for one of them to move on.

Whatever, though, hey, I made friends with this guy!

Aaaaand then the UFO was nearly overhead and it was time to freak out!

I was gonna just warp home, but I found an updraft and didn't have to. Yay, escaping!

But so that was a total waste of time. Bummer.


I went to freaking Pso'Xja again to try and get my map and all, and I finally succeeded! ... And I only had to run screaming from tonberries once! That is pretty good. Yay!

Also, I have been working on my summoning skills, and I still totally suck (NO ONE IS SURPRISED) but! The Moogles taught me the cool "drop a chicobo on someone's head" trick, anyway! So that's awesome.
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