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'Cause I don't feel like bothering with two separate ones, you're getting a MASSIVE ONSLAUGHT YAAAAY of stuff today.

FIRST: I venture into the wild, crazy Li'Telor region!

It was getting kind of late into the evening when I arrived in the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah, and there was fog, so there was this really pretty glow everywhere.

You can see the Outpost in the corner, there...

Hey, does anyone know the story on the glowing crystals? I think they probably start out glowing, and then turn into the more solid-rock looking ones over time, but maybe they're just two types of crystal growths!

Oh, and - obviously, she's right there - I went with Khocha. Here we are looking into one of those crystal springs.

Some of those ... kinda weird plants.

Isn't this pretty??

Uh. I fought a skeleton. 'Cause why not. It was getting kind of gloomy at that point (again, obviously, if they're out in the first place...)

OH NOW IT IS DARK! So here is Zi'Tah at night!

Hey, Coeurl!

Crystal and Rock Golem...

Khocha flying over/through some flowering plants.

And there's Ro'Maeve in the distance ahead.

I ran around a little in Ro'Maeve and killed a few Weapons, but it was kind of boring, so mostly I just sat around the entrance and then left.

So, back in the Sanctuary! In the morning, now!

And then I was done so I left.


But, first, since I guess there were some concerns earlier when I was running around screaming, I promise I did it for a reason! You are supposed to! He challenges everyone once they reach a certain point!

And, actually, before I actually went and ran him over with the force of ten hundred stampeding chocobos, I had to go find a Testimony. So I grabbed Nabiki and off we went!

Since we were after a Dragoon Testimony, we headed for the Monastic Cavern under Davoi. I, of course, was an idiot and didn't bring any shinobi-tabi, so Nabiki had to Invis me up. (Of course, I was even more of an idiot than that, because it turns out there were in my Mog Sack! oops.) Though sometimes she made me just wait in a corner while she ran ahead to look around.

YAY WE FOUND AN ORC WITH ONE. They're tough bastards, but we still won. (Though, haha, one of the orcs nearby saw us fighting and came over to pound us, as well. Nabiki cast Repose on him and then we fled the scene. ALWAYS CARRY A WHITE MAGE WITH YOU WHEN YOU TRAVEL, GUYS.)

And then I had to get to Jeuno and, because I DON'T KNOW? When we arrived in La Theine, rather than go through Jugner and the Batallia Downs, I turned and crossed the plateau and then Ronfaure and went back to San d'Oria to hop an airship. I really, really don't know, guys.

So here's port with all the pretty blooming trees (the only thing the Doll Festival is good for...), anyway.


Anyway, I finally made it, and stormed over to Maat. Again.

Threw the Testimony at him, he warped me to the Chamber of Oracles, I entered the circle... you know how these things go...

Whoo! Inside, I checked my gear and buffed up best I could.


He mocked me, but then I blew him the hell away.


And then went back to Jeuno via airship again (though since I'd warped to San d'Oria, it was way less ridiculous). And he said stuff!


(Though, haha, so, you guys know I've been trying to beat him for-freaking-ever? Well, every time I fail, I'm more anxious the next time I try! And this time I was so stupid jittery that I forgot to take off the Opo-opo necklace I used! So I wore that stupid flower ring the whole time, haha. BUT I WON ANYWAY SO WHO CARES.)

So, uh. NOW WHAT? That is the real question.

I could always explore CREEPYLAND 2.0 Abyssea, I guess. That'll be terrifying. ...And fun. :3


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